Performance ok with boot img shrunk to 180MB? Gparted. 0.5G

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Performance ok with boot img shrunk to 180MB? Gparted. 0.5G

Сообщение s_hippy » 11 фев 2019, 03:35

This is a general question.

1. I have used CoreElec 8.99.2 and older with boot image space shrunk from 512 MB to 170-180MB ( slightly more than actual image size.) I use gparted and DD/fdisk in Linux.

Does this affect performance in any way or create problems with 1GB RAM Amlogic TV boxes? With zRAM?

Will this shrunk image affect performance with heavier skins, for example? I currently use Mimic/Lyrebird, but now you have mentioned AeonNox AE ! ( I have used Aeon Nox Silvia in the past.)

2. Now that my total image (boot fat + storage ext) with my add-ons and settings is less than 180+ 800= 980 MB, does this mean it will run nicely in a TV box with only 0.5 GB RAM?

Are there any such cheaper Amlogic boxes (only 0.5 not 1GB RAM)?
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